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Development of Neutron Damage Studies : US-Japan Joint Irradiation Experiment on Structural Materials

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  • 構造材料の日米共同照射試験
  • コウゾウ ザイリョウ ノ ニチベイ キョウドウ ショウシャ シケン
  • 6.中性子照射研究の進展 : 6.1構造材料の日米共同照射試験(<特集>実用炉の成立と材料技術II)
  • 構造材料の日米共同照射試験
  • 実用炉の成立と材料技術-2-<特集> ; 中性子照射研究の進展
  • ジツヨウロ ノ セイリツ ト ザイリョウ ギジュツ 2 トクシュウ ; チュウセイシ ショウシャ ケンキュウ ノ シンテン

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US-Japan collaborative testing of first wall and blank.et structural materials with mixed spectrum fission reactors, HFIR and ORR have been carried out from 1984 under Annex I to Implementing Agreement between JAERI and the US-DOE. The objective of this collaborative program has been design and conducted in order to evaluate the irradiation response of Japanese and U. S. structural alloys to high levels of atomic displacement and helium content. The first stage of eleven years mainly for evaluating candidate materials of experimental reactors is approaching to the final with much fruitfull results of new findings and useful data for ITER design study. In the coming November, the third phase is planning to start to establish knowledge base for development of advanced materials for DEMO reactors and beyond.



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