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  • VC モータ オ モチイタ リョクカク ハプティックデバイス ノ カイハツ
  • Development of Hapthic Device using VC Motor

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The purpose of this research has been to develop a combined sense system that uses both force feedback and visual feedback to find out the microscopic features of a microsample. It is thought that the efficiency of minute procedures would be improved if the operator were able to have a sense of force while using a manipulator. A cantilever is used to touch a minute object, and a reaction force is obtained from the degree of bending. A haptic device is structured to give a sense of that force to a user, who can feel the force as if he/she touched the sample with a cantilever. Therefore, the haptic device using a VC motor was developed so that the user can feel a force as if he/she had touched the microsample. This paper described the developed haptic device in our combined sense system.



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