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各種TCP輻輳制御方式のTCP Renoとの親和性評価

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  • カクシュ TCP輻ソウセイギョ ホウシキ ノ TCP Reno ト ノ シンワセイ ヒョウカ
  • 各種TCP輻輳制御方式のTCP Renoとの親和性評価 (画像工学)
  • 各種TCP輻輳制御方式のTCP Renoとの親和性評価 (通信方式)
  • Evaluation of Friendliness of Various TCP Congestion Control Algorithms to TCP Reno
  • 通信方式
  • ツウシン ホウシキ

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TCP Reno is nowadays widely used as a TCP congestion control algorithm. As a network bandwidth rapidly increases, it has been pointed out that TCP Reno takes too much time to achieve an appropriate bandwidth. Many TCP congestion control algorithms have been proposed to solve this problem. They have, however, been hardly introduced due to the lack of their friendliness to the prevailed TCP Reno. CUBIC is recently implemented in the Linux kernel 2.6.9 and later, and Compound TCP in Windows server 2008. This paper evaluates friendliness of the existing various TCP congestion control algorithms to TCP Reno under the same conditions using computer simulations. They include TCP Westwood, CUBIC, Compound TCP, Highspeed TCP, and TCP Vegas.


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