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  • マス メディア シュウチュウ ハイジョ ゲンソク ミナオシ ギロン ニ カンスル ジッショウ ブンセキ
  • Empirical analysis of the discussions regarding the principle of abatement of mass media concentration

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Commercial broadcasting stations in Japan are licensed to broadcast in the area ; however, there is an ongoing debate over consolidating the industry by relaxing the principle of abatement of mass media concentration. In other words, in response to the development of digitalization, local broadcasting stations are reconsidering their business efficiency by opting for large-scale operations. For the broadcasting industry to pursue economy of scale, the stations could either increase their advertising revenue by providing high-quality programs (expansion of operational scale) or increase their share of audience household by expanding the broadcasting area. Increasing the advertising revenue requires programming designed to attract larger audiences, which seems to be costly. The expansion of operational scale can be achieved through merging other stations in neighboring prefectures. Consequently, the same content could be simultaneously distributed to a larger number of households. While there is a concern that spatial expansion (expansion of the broadcasting area) may result in a loss of localism, the positive aspect includes elimination of regional differences in information literary for those locals unable to receive such information and entertainment that people in other regions enjoy, due to the limited number of channels available for viewing. For spatial expansion by the consolidation of the broadcasting stations to be a measure to improve operational efficiency, it would be necessary that the industry shows the economy of scale. This paper will empirically test the economy of scale in terms of spatial expansion in the broadcasting stations.


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