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Development and Prospects of Material Technology in Superconducting Coils for Fusion Reactor

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  • 核融合炉用超伝導コイルにおける材料技術の進展と展望
  • カク ユウゴウロヨウ チョウデンドウ コイル ニ オケル ザイリョウ ギジュツ
  • 7.核融合炉用超伝導コイルにおける材料技術の進展と展望(<特集>実用炉の成立と材料技術II)
  • 核融合炉用超伝導コイルにおける材料技術の進展と展望
  • 実用炉の成立と材料技術-2-<特集>
  • ジツヨウロ ノ セイリツ ト ザイリョウ ギジュツ 2 トクシュウ

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There are several technical issues which should be solved to realize superconducting coils for a fusion reactor. Material technology is one of the most important items to solve these issues because performance of superconducting coils depends on the material properties used in the coils. Specifically, it is indispensable to develop structural materials which have high strength and high toughness since superconducting coils have to withstand large magnetic forces. This report describes development of superconducting materials, structural alloys, and insulation materials for superconducting coils at Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.


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