Tritium Behavior in the Environment

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  • 自然環境中トリチウム挙動
  • シゼン カンキョウチュウ トリチウム キョドウ
  • 6.自然環境中トリチウム挙動(<小特集>核融合炉内外におけるトリチウムの挙動)
  • 自然環境中トリチウム挙動
  • 小特集 核融合炉内外におけるトリチウムの挙動
  • ショウ トクシュウ カク ユウゴウロ ナイガイ ニ オケル トリチウム ノ キ

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Many studies have been carried out on environmental tritium behavior, including tritium concentrations in the surface water and in the precipitation. You can read the results according to the references. In this chapter, we try to describe what is going on in this field. Especially, the chemical change of tritium gas into water vapor and tritium release experiments in the environment are explained with a discussion of the important in result conversion of tritium gas by microbes in the soil.


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