Evaluation of Normalization Methods for cDNA Macroarray Data(<Special Section>Efficacy and Safty of Drugs)

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  • cDNAマクロアレイデータ解析における正規化手法の性能評価
  • cDNA マクロアレイ データ カイセキ ニ オケル セイキカ シュホウ ノ セイノウ ヒョウカ
  • cDNAマクロアレイデータ解析における正規化手法の性能評価(<特集1>医薬品の有効性・安全性)
  • cDNAマクロアレイデータ解析における正規化手法の性能評価
  • Evaluation of normalization methods for cDNA macroarray data
  • 特集:医薬品の有効性・安全性
  • トクシュウ イヤクヒン ノ ユウコウセイ アンゼンセイ

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In recent years, microarray technology allows the monitoring of expression levels for thousands of genes simultaneously and the acquiring large amount of biologically important information. However, many experimenters indicate that measured intensity involve various measurement biases and non-constant variance depended on intensity. To solve these problems, a variety of normalization methods are proposed. Many studies focused on comparison of normalization methods from the viewpoint of correcting biases, but not of stabilizing variation. Therefore, this study aims to propose convenient normalization method simplified Huber's variance stabilizing transformation and compare it to existent methods.


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