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Vibration Characteristics of Breasts during Exercise with and without a Brassiere

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  • ブラジャー着用時と非着用時の運動中の乳房振動特性
  • ブラジャー チャクヨウジ ト ヒチャクヨウジ ノ ウンドウ チュウ ノ ニュウボウ シンドウ トクセイ
  • ブラジャー着用時と非着用時の運動中の乳房振動特性

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Brassieres are used to prevent excessive movements of the female breasts, which consist of mammary glands and fat tissue. To obtain basic data for designing good-fitting brassieres, vibration characteristics of the breasts were analyzed in 7 females. The movement of 14 measuring points on the breast surface was monitored during walking and running with and without wearing a transparent brassiere. Frequency characteristics of the breast vibration were analyzed. The frequency of breast vibration had a strong correlation with the stepping frequency. The amplitude of breast vibration was greater during running than during walking, and greater along the vertical axis than along the horizontal axis. Without wearing a brassiere, a negative correlation was noted between the amplitude of breast vibration and the stiffness of the breast. The amplitude was greater in soft breasts than in hard breasts. When wearing a brassiere and in firm breasts, high-frequency components were observed in the waveform of breast vibration.


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