Development of the Centrifugal Pellet Injector in JT-60U

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  • JT-60Uにおける遠心加速方式ペレット入射装置の開発
  • JT 60U ニ オケル エンシン カソク ホウシキ ペレット ニュウシャ ソウチ ノ カイハツ
  • JT-60Uにおける遠心加速方式ペレット入射装置の開発

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In JT-60, pellet injection experiment aims at achieving a high density and high performance plasma. The centrifugal pellet injector was chosen to attain our purpose of repetitive injection in high frequency. New techniques were applied to the pellet production and the acceleration systems because the centrifugal type injector has some technically complicated components, such as fuel extruder and straight line-type rotor. Those were mesh structured components of the pellet generator to exhaust sublimated gas from pellets and a funnel design with an appropriate angle to prevent pellet destruction. The most suitable technical condition in the operation of the injector was studied and the following performance was confirmed: the pellet size is 2.1 mm cubic, the variable injection speed of pellet is from 300-690 m/s, and the frequency of repetitive pellet injection is from 1 to 10 Hz at the duration time of 7 s.


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