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Berberine Contents in Phellodendron Leaves

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  • キハダの葉のベルベリンについて
  • キハダ ノ ハ ノ ベルベリン ニ ツイテ
  • キハダの葉のベルベリンについて

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Leaves of Phellodendron amurense collected from different parts of a tree of this plant were assayed for their berberine contents. The amounts of berberine detected in the petiole, the rachis and the main vein of the leaflet were very small. In the mesophyll, berberine was not detected. Young leaves were not recognized to contain berberine. The berberine content in the leaves of P. amurense was shown to be too scarce for the leaves to be used as medicinal resource.



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