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In Vitro Testosterone 5α-Reductase活性阻害作用を有する生薬の探索

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  • In Vitro Testosterone 5 アルファ Reductase カッセイ ソガイ サヨウ オ ユウスル ショウヤク ノ タンサク
  • Study of crude drugs on In Vitro testosterone 5α-reductase inhibitory activity

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On the basis of a literature search on classical Chinese herbal and medicinal books and recent Chinese medical and pharmaceutical journals, I selected several crude drugs which have been used for the treatment of alopecia, thermal burn, benign prostatic hyperplasia, tonics, and dandruff prevention. Testosterone 5α-reductase inhibitory activity of the selected crude drugs and other randomly selected crude drugs was assayed to find novel agents for treatment of androgenic alopecia. The ethanolic solutions of Schisandra chinensis BAlLLON (五味子), Spatholobus suberectus DUNN (鶏血藤), Polygonum bistorta L. (拳参), Lygodium japonicum (THUBN.) Sw. (海金砂), Psoralea corylifolia L. (補骨脂), Myrica rubra SIEB. et ZUCC. (揚梅皮), Cornus officinalis SIEB. et ZUCC. (山茱萸), and Paeonia suffruticosa ANDR. (牡丹皮) showed strong inhibition of the enzyme activity.



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