Inspection of JT-60 W-Shaped Divertor after the Initial Operation

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  • 初期運転後のJT-60W型ダイバータの点検
  • ショキ ウンテン ゴ ノ JT-60 Wガタ ダイバータ ノ テンケン
  • 初期運転後のJT-60W型ダイバータの点検

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In JT-60, the first in-vessel inspection after W-shaped divertor modification was conducted from November to December 1997. By this inspection, soundness of the W-shaped divertor was almost demonstrated. Deformation of the W-shaped divertor structure was not observed. Plasma sprayed ceramic(alumina), which was first used as gas seal in large tokamaks, could be also operated without deformation. Erosions of outer divertor and dome tiles, however, were found in this inspection. Moreover, two of the outer dome tiles were broken in two pieces respectively. Thick deposit, but no severe erosion were observed on the inner divertor tiles.



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