Physics of Heating and Current Drive (<Special Topic Article> ITER Physics R&D Results)

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  • 加熱・電流駆動の物理
  • カネツ デンリュウ クドウ ノ ブツリ
  • 5. 加熱・電流駆動の物理 (<小特集>ITER物理R&Dの成果)
  • 加熱・電流駆動の物理
  • 小特集 ITER物理R&Dの成果
  • ショウトクシュウ ITER ブツリ R D ノ セイカ

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The physics of heating and the current drive on ITER is reviewed on the basis of the ITER physics R&D activities. Four heating and current drive systems are under consideration for ITER: electron cyclotron waves, ion cyclotron waves, lower hybrid waves, and neutral beam injection. Fundamental physics describing the interaction with the plasmas, along with recent progress toward understanding the mechanisms and experimental results on the exploitation of the heating and current drive capabilities of each system, are discussed. The key aspects of each system's application to ITER are also presented.



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