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Tritium Production Technology

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  • トリチウム製造技術
  • トリチウム セイゾウ ギジュツ
  • 3.トリチウム製造技術(<小特集>核融合炉でのトリチウム技術開発)
  • トリチウム製造技術
  • 核融合炉でのトリチウム技術開発<特集>
  • カク ユウゴウロ デ ノ トリチウム ギジュツ カイハツ トクシュウ

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Tritium production technology has been developed in JAERI. Using the facility for treating tritium in 40 TBq, tritium has been extracted from neutron-irradiated 6^Li-AI alloy targets by heating, collected, and stored in U-getters, while the tritium gas has been analyzed occasionally on line by radio-gas chromatography. The crude tritium gas obtained has been purified chemically and isotopically until more than 99.9% in both purities also by radio-gas chromatography. The present status of the technology has been described in this paper.


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