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Laboratory Efficacy of an Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller on the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat

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  • クマネズミとドブネズミに対する超音波防鼠器の効力試験
  • クマネズミ ト ドブネズミ ニ タイスル チョウオンパ ボウソキ ノ コウリョク シケン
  • クマネズミとドブネズミに対する超音波防鼠器の効力試験

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Efficacy of an ultrasonic rodent repeller (20±3 kHz with shock wave) was tested against the roof rat, R. rattus, and the Norway rat, R. norvegicus, under laboratory conditions. In the first day of the repeller running, the rats decreased the quantity of ingestion and droppings at the feeding box with the repeller, even though the frequency of entry into each feeding boxes was increased. However, in 3 or 4 day of the repeller running, the rats returned to the quiet state as they in the pre-treatment. Two pairs of the roof rat were treated with the repeller for consecutive 30 days, but abnormal phenomena in their behavior did not appear, the body weight increased, and a female was pregnant. According to the results of the test, the effect of ultrasonic rodent repeller on the roof rat and the Norway rat was limited and the term was very short.


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