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Time dependent changes of periodontal tissue at pressure side incident to orthodontic tooth movement

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  • 矯正力を加えた際の圧迫側歯周組織の経時的な変化

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The purpose of this investigation was to clarify the process of periodontal tissue reaction on the pressure side caused by orthodontic tooth movement. The upper canine of adult cats were tipped distally with a initial force of 100 g. Histologic specimens were made at 7, 14, and 28 days after the initial force was applied. The following results were obtained by observations of microscopic images and three-dimensional computed images (COSMOZONE 2SA, Nikon, Tokyo). 1. Degenerating area composed of the cell free zone and the intra-degeneration zone became reduced three-dimensionally from 7 days to 14 days, because the recovery of degenerated tissue had already started. Tissue recovery was almost completed at 28 days, but the degenerating area of the alveolar crest still remained on the distal side. 2. Active resorption of alveolar bone facing degenerating areas occurred at 14 days. This resorption was observed at the open cleft from bone marrow. 3. Considering the morphological features of the above bone resorption, the rear resorption should be classified into two types. One was the rear resorption in the shallow portion near the open cleft, another was the rear resorption in the deep portion of the alveolar bone. 4. The locations of tissue responses, degeneration and bone resorption, were considered to have the correlation with the magnitude of pressure distributed on periodontal tissue.


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