Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria Counts and Enterobacteriaceae isolated from Kimuchi

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  • 嫌気性培養および好気性培養によるキムチの一般生菌数ならびに腸内細菌科に属する細菌群について

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This study was carried out to clarify the microorganisum of Kimchi. The results were as follows; 1. Anaerobic and aerobic bacteria Counts isolated from Kimuchi were 10^2-10^8/g and 10^3-10^8/g, respectively. 2. The microflora (134 strains) isolated from Kimchi was classified into gram positive rods (106 strains), gram positive coccus (19 strains) and gram negative rods (9 strains). 3. The genus of Family Enterobacteriaceae (53 strains) isolated from Kimchi was consisted of Enterobacter (36 strains), Serratia (2 strains), Klebsiella (3 strains), Hafnia (1 strain) and others.



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