Research on Marketing of Information Products

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  • 情報財マーケティングに関する研究

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We have considered how to be new marketing in the software-oriented society(information society)in 1990s in which consumers create information with things and goods and tried to theorize the deployment of marketing with information products. As a result, following conclusion has been obtained concerning the deployment of new merketing:marketing of information products is to make meanings(information) be jointly owned by information dispatchers(firms or consumers)and information receivers(consumers or firms)and is a series of sympathetic resonance activities of life information in which firms and consumers jointly own concepts and values of commodity with each other and amplify their sensibility areas while sympathetically vibrating and sympathetically resonating with these concepts and values. These information activities with sympathetic vibration and sympathetic resonance rooting in a new life culture have been defined as marketing of information products.



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