Investigation of Incompressible Flow Calculation for Thin Objects on Cartesian Grid

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  • 直交格子を用いた薄い物体周りの非圧縮流れ計算の検討(数値計算(1),一般講演)

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An incompressible flow solver on a Cartesian grid system was developed. This method can simulate the flow around an object of arbitrary shape on a Cartesian grid. The proposed method adopts a simple approach, which only requires the distance between the object surface and the closest cell center. Therefore this method is easy to implement and practical because the flow around a non-watertight geometry can be simulated without repairing the surface mesh of the geometry. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this method, the flow around an object thinner than the mesh size and the flow around a circular cylinder (Reynolds number is ranging from 40 to 3000) were calculated. Consequently, it was found that the proposed method is robust and useful approach for practical problems.



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