AM06-10-012 Study on Reaeration Characteristics of the Breakwater for Generating Vertical Circulation Flow

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  • AM06-10-012 鉛直循環流誘起堤体の酸素取り込み機能に関する研究(波浪・砕波・水表面での気体輸送(3),一般講演)

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In most of coastal zone, dissolved oxygen near the sea bottom decreases in summer season. It is important to supply oxygen to the anoxia sea bottom for habitat environment of benthos. A new breakwater for generationg vertical circulation flow (VCF) has developed for transporting oxygen-rich surface water to the sea bottom. Effectiveness of the breakwater on generating the flow has been already verified by experiments and numerical calculations. In this study, for evaluating the reaeration capacity of VCF, mass transfer coefficient of oxygen was measured by laboratory experiment. And, the relationship between reaeration characteristics and hydraulic characteristics of VCF were examined by using a numerical model.


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