2C3 Using SAT Solver for Nurse Scheduling Problem(Technical session 2C: OS2: Timetabling and assignment problems(1)) :

  • Inui,Nobuo
    School of Multidisciplinary Sciences The Graduate University For Advanced Studies
  • Ikegami,Atsuko
    Department of Science and Engineering Seikei University

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This paper proposes a new SAT model for the nurse scheduling problems (NSP). Previously, we solved NSP using a SAT model based on an analogy of the MIP model. But for NSP instances with higher total penalty, experimental results implied that the SAT was not so strong approach. So we, in this paper, discuss a new SAT model about the counting numbers and the window search algorithm. We show the performance by some instances in the Nurse Rostering Contest held in 2010. A new method reduced running time to about 70%, compared with the previous method.


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