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Ultra-Lean Combustion Using Burned Gas Recirculation Generated by Swirl Flow

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  • 旋回流による既燃ガス再循環を用いた超希薄予混合燃焼の研究(燃焼・反応,一般講演)

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Ultra-lean combustion has been attracting attentions because the emission of CO_2 and NOx would be very low if it realized. We simulated rotating counterflow twin premixed flames and succeeded in forming a further ultra-lean flame of φ=0.32. These flame structures are quite different from general 1-D premixed flame. There are additional stagnation points near the upstream end of the preheat zone due to the backward flow of the burned gas caused by the centrifugal force. In the case of ultra-lean combustion, reactive species of premixed gas are transported by diffusion over the stagnation point against convection. We next considered a more realistic asymmetric 2-D swirl combustor model that can be compared with experiments, and obtained a 2-D premixed flame with a recirculation zone of burned gas. The flame structure at the tip of the latter flame is similar to the one of the rotating counterflow twin premixed flame.



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