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Mechanical Properties on Electron Beam Welds of Constructional High Tension Steels (Report IV)

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The effects of bead width and hardness difference between the electron-beam weld and the base metal on the transition temperature for fracture mode (Trm) in Charpy impact ductility test were studied in this investigation by using HT50 and 80 constructional high tensile steels. The remarkable conclusion are as follows: (1) The impact strength of the weld metal is not depended on the variation of a_b parameter. (2) Moreover with an increase of weld heat input or notch depth for Charpy test specimen, the Trm tends to be raised. (3) With an increase of the annealing temperature, the T_<rm> tends to be raised in general. (4) The impact strength for HT50 and 80 weld metals was not depended on the variation of the hardness of the weld metal except for the HT50 weld with 650℃ annealing. (5) The T_<rm> tends to be raised with an increase of bead width ratio, or with a decrease of hardness difference ratio. (6) Isothermal lines for the T_<rm> more than 100℃ were made clear by the two parameters of the bead width ratio and the hardness difference ratio.



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