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Studies on Flux Action of Soldering (Report II) : Amine Hydrochloride

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In this report, aniline hydrochloride flux action of soldering was studied on the relation between the reaction of flux with base metal (Cu) or with Sn-Pb alloy solder and spreading phenomenon. The flux action of aniline hydrochloride may be considered as follows: Molten aniline hydrochloride reacts with copper of base metal to give CuCl_2 and copper complex, which react with molten Sn-Pb alloy solder to give metal copper. Copper dissolves immediately into molten solder and the thin Cu-rich layer at the outer surface of molten solder is formed. The wetting of Sn-Pb alloy solder on copper plate is improved by the reaction and the dissolution of Cu into molten solder. So, Sn-Pb alloy solder spreads well over copper plate.



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