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Liquidus Surface of Quaternary Copper Phosphorus Brazing Filler Metals with Silver and Tin : Copper Phosphorus Brazing Filler Metals with Low Melting Temperature (Report III)(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

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Liquidus surface of copper phosphorus brazing filler metals with silver and tin addition was investigated. Micro vickers hardness of Cu-Ag-Sn-P quaternary filler metals was also measured. The kind of primary phase could be expected by using the phosphorus equivalent. The filler metals with the phosphorus equivalent more than 8.38 crystallized Cu_3P primary phase, whereas the filler metals with the value less than 8.38 crystallized copper solid solution. The primary phase was also predicted by the electron concentration of filler metal, and also the ratio of electron concentration of tin plus phosphorus content to that of copper plus silver content. The hardness of filler metal of as cast condition depended remarkably on the tin content.



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