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Enhanced Method of Heat Sources in Welding and Plasma Spraying (1st Report) : Overview of Simple Thermal Plasma Models

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A complex model of energy flow from electrodes through ionized gas to a weld-pool (WP), stored there until solidification and subsequently transferred to a heat affected zone (HAZ), is required for the better evaluation of dimensions, microstructural composition and integrity of the sub-domain of arc welding. Such a model should operate in a chain of three sub-regions: arc column with skin layers-sheaths coating electrodes, liquid metal in the WP, and the HAZ. The description of thermal energy transfer between three sub-regions of the complex welding domain involves a large number of processes observed in gaseous electronics, thermodynamics of reacting gases, electro-dynamics of fluid, and micro-metallurgy. The first part of the paper consists a short presentation of welding plasma model based mostly on the Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics (MHD) theory. The second part consists of the review of models of welding plasma suitable for simulation of TIG and PAW welding, and plasma spraying for which the numarical codes were developed successfully.



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