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Bending, Moving, Growing, or Breeding Soft Matters : Dynamical Morphologies of Self-assembly of Amphiphiles

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  • ソフトマターがしなう・動く・生長する・増える : 両親媒性分子集合体のダイナミックモルフォロジー
  • 交流 ソフトマターがしなう・動く・生長する・増える--両親媒性分子集合体のダイナミックモルフォロジー
  • コウリュウ ソフト マター ガ シナウ ウゴク セイチョウスル フエル リョウシンバイセイ ブンシ シュウゴウタイ ノ ダイナミック モルフォロジー

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This review covers several examples of dynamic changes of morphologies of self-assemblies formed by amphiphilic molecules in aqueous solutions depending on the structures of constituent molecules and the elasticity of the assemblies. 1) Formation of elastica consisting of tubular giant vesicles containing collagen. 2) Self-rewinding dynamics of oleic acid in aqueous solution at pH=8 3) Morphological changes from micelles to giant vesicles exhibited by self-assemblies composed of reactive amphiphiles. 4) Birthing dynamics exhibited by production of a different type of membrane molecules inside the vesicular membrane. 5) Abnormal dynamics exhibited by "self-reproducing giant vesicles."


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 64 (1), 2-11, 2009-01-05

    The Physical Society of Japan (JPS)

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