<Original Papers>Deveropement of child's exercise power due to an education encouraging bare-footed play (Infant Education)

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  • <原著>裸足教育による幼児の運動能力の発達(幼児教育)

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Exercise power of run is got in early stage of child. But exercise power of jump or equilibrium is started getting in late stage of child. It is thought that an education encouraging bare-footed play urges child getting exercise power. And It is thought that there are more evidenses in mesurement of exercise "hopping" including jump and equilibrium rather than in mesuerment of exercise "run". Then We tried to evaluate child's developement of exercise power due to measuer two measures of exercise "hopping". We analysed the measurement with computer iamging analyzer "2 dimentional measurement system on exercise" and others. It is adopted 2 measuers velocity and width of "hopping". It is showed the maesures velocity and width which are measured from children belong to Nursery school has long history of an education encouraging bare-footed play are large. And it was showed there were many children got large developement of exercise power, and there was a positive correlation between 2 measures velocity and width of "hopping". This fact is the same as that the thing is obserbed when exercise power of "run" has acquired. Then the fact shows that acquirement of exercise power of "hopping" is in the course.


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