Antenna Gain Measurements in the Presence of Unwanted Multipath Signals Using a Superresolution Technique

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A superresolution technique is considered for use in antenna gain measurements. A modification of the MUSIC algorithm is employed to resolve incident signals separately in the time domain. The modification involves preprocessing the received data using a spatial scheme prior to applying the MUSIC algorithm. Interference rejection in the antenna measurements using the fast Fourier transform (FFT) based techniques have been realized by a recently developed vector network analyzer, and its availability has been reported in the literature. However, response resolution in the time domain of these conventional techniques is limited by the antenna bandwidth. The MUSIC algorithm has the advantage of being able to eliminate unwanted responses when performing antenna measurements in situations where the antenna bandwidth is too narrow to support FFT based techniques. In this paper, experimental results of antenna gain measurements in a multipath environment show the accuracy and resolving power of this technique.


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