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Fundamental Considerations on Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coating (Report I) : Problems of Plasma Sprayed Zirconia

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Properties of commercial zirconia for plasma spraying were investigated. It was shown that particle size distribution has an important effect on the content of stabilizer such as CaO or MgO. After plasma spraying, increase of 150 ppm to 1200 ppm in nitrogen quantity was found and it was suggested that investigation on the effect of other impurity elements on the mechanical properties of sprayed zirconia is necessitated. From SEM observation and line analysis with XMA, the region which seems to be black zirconia or nonstoichiometric zirconia was found but identification remains unclear. Lowering of porosity of plasma sprayed zirconia could not be achieved by addition of pyrex glass and philogopite. It is found that preliminary oxide with about 1μ or less was effective on the deposition of zirconia.



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