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Bonding of Si_3N_4 to SS400 Steel with Activated Coating Layers Made by Low-Pressure Plasma Spraying

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Bonding of Si_3N_4 and SS400 mild steel was carried out by using Cu-Ti system coatings and Cu-Mn two-layer coatings made by low pressure plasma spraying (LPPS) as interlayer materials, compared with Cu-Ti mixed paste and Cu-Ti two-layer foils. It is recognized that when the active LPPS coatings was used as insert materials Cu-Ti eutectic reaction and Cu-Mn solution reaction took place uniformly at the joint immediately after heating to the bonding temperature and improved the bondability. The mean shear strength of the joints bonded using Cu-Ti two-layer coatings at 1173K and 5×10^<-3>ks showed 200MPa, and the mean shear strength of the joints bonded using Cu-Mn two-layer (Cu-40wt%Mn) coatings at 1193K and 1.8ks showed 175MPa, and the joint strength bonded using Cu-22wt%Ti mixed paste was very low. The joint strength was controlled by the eutectic reaction of Ti and Cu in the interlayer and the formation of brittle metallic compound at the interface near SS400 mild steel for Cu-Ti system. For Cu-Mn system, the joint strength was strongly affected by Cu-Mn composition in the interlayer.


  • Trans, JWRI

    Trans, JWRI 22 (1), 37-46, 1993

    Osaka University

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