Prototyping of cylindrical structures made of helical artificial muscles


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  • 人工筋肉の三次元螺旋走行からなる円筒状多繊維筋構造メカニズムの試作


Pneumatic artificial muscles have many advantages. They have high force mass ratio, high compliance and simplestructures. Especially, the flexibility contributes to compose novel mechanisms. The flexibility of pneumatic artificialmuscles releases us from the spatially strict design required for rigid mechanical elements: it could actualize compactmechanisms made of a fewer parts. OurresearchgroupdevelopedathinMcKibbenactuator. ThethinMcKibbenactuatorsis more flexible than conventional McKibben actuators. Authors succeeded in manufacturing novel soft mechanisms thatare made of only braided artificial muscles. We aim to establish a design method for these novel mechanisms. We alreadyhave fabricated a cylindrical mechanism made of helical muscles. In this paper, we report a geometric model for thecylindrical mechanism. We focus on only deformation of a side surface in the coordinate system of muscles to simulatethe movements of the cylindrical mechanism. The movement was verified by an experiment, and besides, it was simulatedsuccessfully in the geometric model that was created. The deformation of height and radius directions changed accordingto muscles alignment.


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