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A Basic Study of The Effects of Circuit Training

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  • サーキット・トレーニングによるトレーニング効果に関する基礎的研究

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This study examined the effects of standard circuit training, a method devised in 1953 by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Adamson, in the aggregate as well as in individual cases in order to clarify what training methods are best suited to individual goals. Study Methods The circuit training exercises used in this study were : (1) Stepping on and off a 40-centimeter platform (2) Burpee thrusts (3) Jumping chin-ups (4) Sit-ups (5) Squt jumps (6) Parallel bar dips (7) Dumbell squats (8) Barbell curls After body measurements, including percentage of body fat, maximum repetitions for each of the 8 events over a period of 40 seconds were measured. With results based on this data, it was possible to determine the corresponding load for individual training goals. After subjects trained once a week for eight weeks, maximum repetitions over 40 seconds for each of the events were measured again. The test subjects were nine male students at Hosei University aged between 19 and 25 years. The period of the survey and experiments was October-December, 1992. Results and Considerations Measurement of maximum repetitions after 8 weeks of training showed a statistically significant increase of between O.1% and 1% for each exercise. Measurement of physical changes revealed a decrease in body weight, an increase in muscle size and a decrease in percentage of body fat. There was a signifcant decrease in subcutaneous fat thickness under the right shoulder blade. These changes can be attributed, not only to training, but also to individual attention to nutrition and exercise in everyday life.Case-by-case results revealed a decrease in percentage of body fat of between 5.60% and 11.09% among three test subjects displaying a tendency towards obesity. Body weight decreased between 4.3 and 7.O kilograms. That test subject who participated in training in order to improve his sport ability was able to increase the load for each exercise to above-average levels. Thus, considerable training effects could be confirmed both subjectively and objectively. These points suggest that the circuit training method employed in the above study can be used for a variety of purposes.



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