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An Accurate Groove Position Detection Using Soft-Focused Imaging(Physics, Process, Instrument & Measurement)

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This paper discussed a visudal seam tracking control method, in which a light sectioning technique by laser and image sensor is used for imaging the sectional pattern of joint groove and a microcomputer is used for image processing and producing the control output. The image processing method used here is applicable to various shapes of joint groove, and even effective for the presence of previous weld passes. Another feature of this method is that the picture pickup optical system is intentionally put out of focus ; by processing this out-of-focus image, the detection resolution better than that determined from the number of image sensor elements has been successfully achieved. An automatic seam tracking controller based on this method has been applied to a large-diameter steel pipe production line, proving that it is practical and useful, and contributes to improvement of the weld quality.



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