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Loading Test of Simulated Weld Metal during Cooling : Studies on Welding Rod for Nodular Graphite Cast Iron (Report 1)(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

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This paper is a study of a new method to measure the tensile strength of weld metal during cooling. Fe-Ni-Mn-1%C alloy which simulates the composition of weld metal was molten and cast into a copper split mold. Loading started when the temperature of the specimen reached down to about 673K. Besides the strength, some other properties such as solidification temperature, thermal expansion coefficient and micro-Vickers hardness were investigated. The composition of the alloy was changed stepwise from 0 to 19 wt% Ni and 0 to 13% Mn. The cooling curves of the specimens were similar to those of the implant test of cast iron pre-heated to 573K. The lowest tensile strength was 550MPa ; this value is still over than that of FCD 500 in JIS. This new method is effective to evaluate the strength of weld metal during cooling. The lowest hardness was obtained from the metal containing 19.2% Ni without Mn, while the hardness of all specimens ranged between Hv 261 and 745. The results of tests showed that the weld metal containing 14.7% Ni and 5% Mn has the quality needed for cast iron weldings.



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