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Criterion of Alternative Initiation of Cold Cracking in HAZ or Weld Metal for Root Pass Welds of High Strength Steels(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

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In this study, in order to reveal the criterion under which cold cracking in root pass welding occurs alternatively in HAZ or weld metal, the effects of applied stress, diffusible hydrogen content, hardnesses of HAZ and weld metal on the crack initiation site were studied utilizing the TRC test for HT60, HT80, HY130 and 2<1/4> Cr-1Mo steels. Then, "Critical stress vs. time diagram" which represent the change in the critical stress in weld metal and HAZ vs. time lapse was proposed as the criterion considering the distribution of diffusible hydrogen in weld zone. Consequently, all the tendencies of crack initiation in root pass welding can be well explained by combining the progress of applied stress and "Critical stress vs. time diagram".



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