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Proposal of Twitter client to hide the spoilers of the TV program

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  • TV番組のネタばらしを非表示にするTwitterクライアントの提案

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Twitter is a Web service that can post with ease and events around us. It can be called tweets to be posted on Twitter, user Tweets in various situations. Attention is paid to the user which is said to live who tweeted while watching a TV program in the present study. In recent years, spoilers of the TV program using a live tweet by the person in many cases. Live 's most a tweet obtained by adding a hash tag of particular, who live a tweet it without adding the hash tag is also present in. Timeline of itself would be filled with tweets live person to broadcast during the time, a user who follows live person can no longer be seen is required tweet. Further, pleasure to watch is reduced if it can not be viewed in real time, and view the recorded program later, because it has known consequences or story line. Client that can be set to hide the tweet that contains specific keywords in the present circumstances exist, but it can not hide all of the tweets spoilers. In this paper, we analyze and get to a TV program broadcasting time in the hash -tagged tweet, extracting keywords that are frequently tweet, it is automatically hidden. We propose a system for preventing the spoilers by hide from timeline tweets keywords in common from the results of the analysis and the like. The proposed system was decided to give priority to the non-display of tweet spoilers. For this reason, there is also some that tweet you do not spoilers also be hidden, but it was decided can not be helped. Results of the evaluation two experiments, the proposed system is to obtain a high evaluation.


  • IPSJ SIG Notes

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2014 (58), 1-5, 2014-03-06

    Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

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