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Mechanical Properties of High Manganese Non-magnetic Steel and Carbon Steel Welded Butt Joints : Investigation for Applying Dissimilar Materials to Steel Structures (Repot I)(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)

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Mechanical properties of the dissimilar materials welded butt joints between high manganese non-magnetic steel and carbon steel (referred to as DMW joints) were investigated for applying to steel structures. SS400 is used as carbon steel. The DMW joints, in which weld defects such as incomplete penetration, blowhole and crack were not found, were shown to be of good quality. Tensile strength in the DMW joints was 10(%) higher than in carbon steel. In the bend tests, the DMW joints showed good ductility, without cracks. Charpy absorbed energy at 0(℃) of the DMW joints was over 120(J) at the bond where it seems to be the lowest. Significant hardening or softening was not detected in the heat affected zone.



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