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Reconsideration of the Position of "Professionality of Education" in New School Governance: Case Studies of "Kan-min ittai-gata Gakkou" in Takeo City and "Community School" in B City

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  • 〈研究論文〉新たな学校ガバナンスにおける「教育の専門性」の再定位 : 武雄市「官民一体型学校」とB市「コミュニティ・スクール」の事例分析
  • 新たな学校ガバナンスにおける「教育の専門性」の再定位 : 武雄市「官民一体型学校」とB市「コミュニティ・スクール」の事例分析
  • アラタ ナ ガッコウ ガバナンス ニ オケル 「 キョウイク ノ センモンセイ 」 ノ サイテイイ : タケオシ 「 カンミン イッタイガタ ガッコウ 」 ト Bシ 「 コミュニティ ・ スクール 」 ノ ジレイ ブンセキ

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The purpose of this study is to investigate how the position of "professionality of education" should be reconsidered in recent school governance reform by analyzing two cases, "Kan-min ittai-gata Gakkou" in Takeo city and "Community School" in B city. Since the 1990s, the concept of "governance" has become widely known and has been often discussed in many fields of our society. Its original meaning is that control of public institutions should be shared with various stakeholders. Thus, contemporary public education reform policies include as its base the restructuring of relationships between people in the teaching profession and other stakeholders. It should be noted that, in fact, some education policies take the "professionality of teaching" lightly, so there is a possibility that those in the teaching profession will be seen as comparatively inferior to other actors. We must consider the position of those in the teaching profession within the new school governance structure, and replace it following the concept of "professionality of education." We studied two different types of new local policies. The first is "Kan-min ittai-gata Gakkou" in Takeo city, and the second is "Community School" in B city. In 2015, Takeo city became affiliated with Hanamaru-gakusyujuku, a private tutoring school, and introduced Hanamaru’s teaching methods into public schools. In contrast, B city changed all public schools to "Community Schools" in 2012; prior to the city policy, several elementary and junior high schools had jointly founded a community school in 2010. There are two main findings from this study. First, non-teaching actors are likely to stay away from the field of teaching expertise, and there is the possibility that the "Professionality of Teaching" will not be perceived as inferior. However, the second finding is that teachers' awareness of "Professionality of Teaching" may tend to focus too narrowly on minor issues. Thus, we should focus on the distance between "Professionality of Education" and "Professionality of Teaching," which occur in the governing process of public schools and communities.

本研究は,日本学術振興会科学研究費助成事業 (学術研究助成基金助成金)(挑戦的萌芽研究)「新たな学校ガバナンスにおける『教育の専門性』の再定位」(研究代表者:浜田博文,課題番 号15K13172,平成27年度~29年度)の助成を受けたものである。


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