An Action Game-oriented Programming Language

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  • 初中等教育におけるオブジェクト指向プログラミングの実践と評価
  • ショ チュウトウ キョウイク ニ オケル オブジェクト シコウ プログラミング ノ ジッセン ト ヒョウカ
  • アクションゲーム記述に特化した言語
  • アクションゲーム キジュツ ニ トッカ シタ ゲンゴ

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Recently, IT education curriculum at K12 (kindergarten and 12-year-education) schools are being started in Japan. Programming experiences will be useful for students to learn essence and principle of computers. However, we insist that the use of “modern” languages is indispensable to achieve the goal. In this paper we describe our experiences of using “Dolittle” object-oriented programming language in junior high school classes. Turtle graphics, figure objects, and GUI objects were taught in the class, and paper tests and enquiries were conducted for evaluation. As the result, majority of the students understood basic concepts of programming and object-orientation, and enjoyed the classes.


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