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  • ダイ23カイ ワカテ ショウレイショウ ジュショウ ロンブン イガン ニ オケル メンエキ チェックポイント ソガイヤク ノ コウカ ト メンエキ カンレン フクサヨウ(irAE)ト ノ カンレンセイ ニ ツイテ ノ ケントウ
  • Correlation between effects of checkpoint inhibitors and immune-related adverse events in patients with gastric cancer
  • 胃癌における免疫チェックポイント阻害薬の副作用と効果の関連性

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Recently, immune checkpoint inhibitors(ICI)have been approved for use in advanced gastric cancer(AGC)based on the positive results of ATTRACTION‐2 trial in Japan. There has been accumulating evidence that the development of immune-related adverse events(irAE)may be associated with a response to ICI therapy, particularly in lung cancer, although little is known about these correlations in gastrointestinal cancer. To investigate the efficacy and irAE of ICI treatment and their correlation in AGC, we retrospectively examined 29 patients with AGC who received nivolumab therapy in our departments. Among them, 15 patients(52%)developed irAEs including 4 patients(14%)for grade 3 irAEs ; liver dysfunction(n=2), type 1 diabetes mellitus(n=2) and adrenal insufficiency(n=1). The median overall survival was12.0months in the irAE group and 3.25 months in the non-irAE group(p=0.164), which suggested the relationship between the effects and irAEs in ICI treatment of AGC. Further research is required to understand the implications of irAE characteristics on ICI response in GCA patients.



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