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  • TaO_x層挿入によるHfO_2/Ge界面反応制御(ゲート絶縁薄膜,容量膜,機能膜及びメモリ技術)
  • TaOxソウ ソウニュウ ニ ヨル HfO ₂/Ge カイメン ハンノウ セイギョ
  • Interface Reaction Control of HfO_2/Ge structure by an Insertion of TaO_x layer

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To control interfacial reaction between high-k dielectric and Ge, we have focused on an insertion of TaO_x ultrathin layer as an interfacial barrier layer and studied MOCVD process of TaO_x with layer-by-layer fashion on Ge surface. XPS analyses show that Ge atoms diffuses into TaO_x layer during the formation of HfO_2 and cofirm that the Ge-oxide growth during atomic layer deposition of HfO_2 is effectively suppressed by inserting TaO_x layer thicker than 1nm. The dielectric constant of TaGe_xO_y layer formed by Ge atoms diffusion into TaO_x layer was determined to be 〜9 being larger by a factor of 1.7 than that of GeO_2 (ε〜5.2).



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