Electron-tracking Compton camera imaging of technetium-95m


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  • テクネチウム95mの電子飛跡検出型コンプトンカメラ撮像


Imaging of 95mTc radioisotope was conducted using an electron tracking-Compton camera (ETCC). 95mTc emits 204, 582, and 835 keV gamma rays, and was produced in the 95Mo(p,n)95mTc reaction with a 95Mo-enriched target. The recycling of the 95Mo-enriched molybdenum trioxide was investigated, and the recycled yield of 95Mo was achieved to be 70% - 90%. The images were obtained with each of the three gamma rays. Results showed that the spatial resolution increases with increasing gamma-ray energy, and suggested that the ETCC with high-energy gamma-ray emitters such as 95mTc is useful for the medical imaging of deep tissue and organs in the human body.

著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)


  • PLOS ONE (Internet)

    PLOS ONE (Internet) 13 (12), e0208909\_1-e0208909\_12, 2018-12

    Public Library of Science


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