Cataloging and metadata education in the Google age(<Special feature>Cataloging: Now and future)

  • TANIGUCHI Shoichi
    Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies. University of Tsukuba

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  • Google時代の目録教育・メタデータ教育(<特集>目録の現状と未来)
  • Google時代の目録教育・メタデータ教育
  • Google ジダイ ノ モクロク キョウイク メタデータ キョウイク

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This paper describes the elements and factors surrounding and restricting cataloging and metadata (C&M) education in Japan and also tries to show the possible future direction of that education. First, the elements/factors restricting C&M education are articulated into (a) those in catalogs themselves and cataloging practice, and (b) those in LIS education in Japanese universities. Second, recent discussions related to C & M education in US are reviewed. Finally, proper changes in contents of C&M education are proposed: for instance, (a) incorporating the viewpoint of the 'design' of catalogs and metadata, (b) re-conceptualizing catalogs in the scope of the whole metadata and also information organization. Also, some ways to develop C&M education under the current restriction are showed.



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