Real-Time Heat Transfer Simulation for Reproduction of Heat Cooking in VR

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  • 加熱調理のVRでの再現のためのリアルタイム伝熱シミュレーション
  • カネツ チョウリ ノ VR デ ノ サイゲン ノ タメ ノ リアルタイム デンネツ シミュレーション

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We propose a real-time heat transfer simulation method which visualize heat behavior in virtual cooking interactively. Our method is a combination of finite element heat transfer simulation and rigid body dynamics simulation. We achieved to reproduce temperature changes on the surface of both a beef and an iron plate as cookware. Proposed simulator also targets changes of boundary condition; e.g.between the air and solid objects or solid objects and solid objects. The rigid body dynamics simulation calculates the collision between solid objects. An experimental implementation showed the computation speed is high enough for cookery with a multi-thread computation. We aim that our method will be useful for cooking technique practice, cookery prediction and cookery game.



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