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Education and adjustment of children returned from overseas : An approach from cross-cultural psychology(<Special issue>Psychological problems of children returned from overseas)


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  • 帰国子女の適応と教育 : 異文化間心理学からのアプローチ(<特集>海外帰国子女の心理学的課題)
  • 帰国子女の適応と教育--異文化間心理学からのアプローチ
  • キコク シジョ ノ テキオウ ト キョウイク イブンカカン シンリガク カラ

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Children and adolescents who have returned from overseas have been increasing in numbers. Their adjustment and education has become an important social concern. However, psychological research investigating their adjustment process is very limited. This study reviewed Japanese research findings and suggested methodological problems from the view point of cross-cultural psychology. Adjustment model for cross-cultural migration was criticized, for its ethocentric and pseudo-medical bias. Instead, an approach from the social skill model was suggested to be effective in developing multi-cultural competence.


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