Paraneoplastic dysphagia associated with anti-Hu antibody and lung carcinoma


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  • 嚥下機能の変動を観察し得た抗 Hu 抗体陽性の傍腫瘍性神経症候群の 1 例

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Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes (PNS) can be defined as the remote effects of cancer that are not caused by the tumor and its metastasis, or by infection, ischemia or metabolic disruptions. PNS are associated with antibodies directed against antigens expressed by both the tumor and the nervous system (onconeural antibodies). Although PNS can affect any part of the central and peripheral nervous system, the neuromuscular junctions, and muscle, so far no report has evaluated dysphagia associated with PNS by video fluorography of deglutition. A 72-year-old male presented with dysphagia and other neurological syndromes. His dysphagia was followed for over 9 months. The findings of this case suggested a broad neuropathy and an autoimmune mechanism.


  • jibi to rinsho

    jibi to rinsho 55 (Suppl.2), S177-S184, 2009


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