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Development of a Joystick-Type Controller That Adjusts the Reaction Angle Automatically

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  • 反応角度を自動調節可能なジョイスティック型コントローラの開発
  • ハンノウ カクド オ ジドウ チョウセツ カノウ ナ ジョイスティックガタ コントローラ ノ カイハツ

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<p>In nearby special support schools, the practice of driving a motorized wheelchair using a joystick has been conducted for physically disabled children. However, physically disabled children require support and adjustment of the equipment corresponding to their disabilities because it is difficult to operate a joystick in a specific direction owing to their disabilities. In this study, we develop a joystick-type controller that can be automatically adjusted to the reaction angle suitable for the actual conditions of physically disabled children. Moreover, we conduct a quantitative evaluation of upper limb motion when operating the joystick-type controller that we developed to examine the effectiveness of the proposed method. The evaluation results confirm an effective improvement in the operability when the acquired reaction angle is suitable for the actual conditions of the user by the proposed method.</p>



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