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Central Nerve Protection: How We Can Translate the Seeds of Basic Science to Clinical Treatment from Bench to Bed

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  • 中枢神経保護 (ベンチからベッドへ)―基礎研究をどこまで臨床へ応用できるか?―

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  We sometimes require rapid management for the cerebral pathological conditions to prevent brain damage. Temporary brain ischemia leads to neuronal cell death and sequelae. Currently, not much can be done after ischemia, and analysis of the mechanisms of ischemic brain damage is necessary. From our results, calcineurin/immunophilin cascade plays an important role in regulating mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal cell death.<br>  In the present article, we discuss the role of glutamate and Ca2+ based on the glutamate-Ca2+ theory, mitochondrial dysfunction (especially MPT) in not only animals but also humans, the effect of anesthetic agents regarding MPT, perspective of clinical neuroprotection, current drug therapy, and brain monitoring due to biomarkers that can reflect brain damage.<br>  We also describe the future therapy in restorative neurology and how to repair brain damage.


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