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Observation of Whole Cam Surface and Outer and Inner Surfaces of Cylinder Using a Wide-Field Laser Microscope

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  • 広視野レーザ顕微鏡による円筒内外面とカムの全周観察


Rolling elements are widely used due to their low friction properties. However, it is not easy to observe whole cylindrical surfaces with an optical microscope because they are out of plane. In a previous study, we could observe whole cylindrical surfaces in a very short time with the wide-field laser microscope we developed. The confocal scanning laser microscope can produce clear, high-contrast images because the reflected laser light comes from only a laser-irradiated point and there are no stray lights from other points than the laser-irradiated point. However, inner surfaces of cylinders are more difficult to observe than the outer surfaces of cylinders. Cam surfaces are not perfectly cylindrical and are also difficult to observe. In this study we tried to acquire surface images of such inner surfaces and cam surfaces. The inner surface of cylinder and the cam surface could be observed with the aid of a 45-degree inclined mirror and two motor driven linear stages respectively



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